When we started The Healthy Juice Company our aim was to create the best cold pressed juices available in the UK. Part of that commitment is making our juices as tasty and healthy as possible. Although we have a few cold pressed juice recipes which are available all of the time we are constantly developing new recipes so that... Read more
Fresh cold pressed juice will normally last about 3 days if kept refrigerated. Some companies try to extend the life of cold pressed juices by adding artificial preservatives or by using pasteurisation methods such as High Pressure Processing (HPP). However, artificially making cold pressed juices last longer can damage... Read more
The Healthy Juice Company was set up with the aim of producing the best cold pressed juices and juice cleanses available in the UK. As part of this commitment we go to great lengths in making our cold pressed juices. We use organic, seasonal, ingredients to get the maximum nutritional benefit into our juices. We also cold press... Read more
There are now a range of cold pressed juices available in the UK, from small niche manufacturers to industrially produced ones. The Healthy Juice Company was set up with the aim of making the very best cold pressed juices and we tend to do things a little differently from the companies who mass produce. As well as our cold pressed... Read more
Research conducted by COMRES has found that the most popular New Year’s resolutions for people in the UK are health related. While a few people wanted to learn new skills, or spend more time with people they care about, the vast majority of people surveyed said that they wanted to improve their health. For most this wasn’t... Read more

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