Yamuna Anyone?
Written 9th March 2017 at 09:03
Yamuna Anyone?

I am so thrilled to have met the adorable Kelly Lynne Goulon who has so kindly offered a wonderful introductory collaboration gift exclusively to my lovely clients. Kelly practices the art of Yamuna - if you haven't heard of it already, you'll hear about it a lot very soon! Yamuna is a practice which reorganises and realigns the muscles to provide a healthy and pain free body.

You are so welcome to join Kelly for a complimentary Yamuna or Pilates small group session at Kelly's intimate studio in Thurloe Street, South Kensington, LONDON. It really is home from home.

Simply enter the following codes on our website when checking out to redeem this wonderful offer.

60 minutes session with any 3 day cleanse       CODE: KELLY60
90 minutes session with any 5 day cleanse       CODE: KELLY90

Offer expires Sunday 9th April - your cleanse with us and session with Kelly should be booked and redeemed by this date.

Read more about Kelly's studio here.

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